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What do we treat?

Backs!? Yes but we don’t just treat backs. Osteopaths are probably best known for treating back problems. We actually treat the whole body and the whole person. We treat many conditions and are trained to diagnose and refer those patients who are not best suited to osteopathy. Osteopaths commonly treat

   • Back pain
   • Sciatic pain
   • Postural aches and strains
   • Neck and shoulder pain
   • Arm and hand problems e.g. Tennis elbow
    and RSI’s (repetitive strain injuries)
   • Hips, knees, ankle and foot pain
   • Sports / dynamic injuries
   • Arthritic pain
   • Headaches and jaw pain
   • Pre and post natal conditions for mother and child
   • Menstrual pain
   • Stress
   • Poor circulation
   • IBS irritable bowel syndrome