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What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy and a form of diagnosis and treatment that seeks to reduce pain and discomfort by restoring normal function to all parts of the body. To do this an osteopath may use many different techniques, from subtle cranial movements to the gentle but focused articulation of joints in addition to massage and stretching, through to the more dynamic spinal manipulations more commonly associated with osteopathy.

You may be given exercises and self help advice on posture and movement.

Osteopathic medicine is a philosophy and a set of principles based on concepts of health and dis-ease, an understanding of the anatomy of the body and the interactions within it (physiology). Osteopathy is Holistic which means osteopaths look at the whole body and the whole person rather than just an arm, a leg or a back. That arm or leg is part of that body, which belongs to that person and so treatment needs to be specific to that person.

Osteopaths recognise that restrictions in the body’s tissues or the framework, are barriers to health which may lead to disease. Crucially all the body’s tissues need a good blood supply to bring nutrients to the cells and take away the waste products and toxins that build up.

This is actually the true sense of the word osteopathy, “osteo” means bone and “pathy” in this case means from; so “from bone” refers to blood as this is where blood is made.